Brain Development & Cape Coral Chiropractic Care

Brain Development & Cape Coral Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Cape Coral Fl Brain Development Chiropractic Care

When Cape Coral chiropractic care comes to mind, most people think about the spine and manual adjustments. While this is an important component, upper cervical chiropractic care is often just as much about the brain as it is the spine. Together, the two make up the central nervous system, which regulates the general health of the body. Problems with the spine can impact the communication with the brain, and vice versa, leading to additional health issues. Because of this connection, regular care from a Cape Coral chiropractor does not only improve spinal health, but can also contribute to improved brain development and function.

How the Brain Develops in Cape Coral

The majority of brain development occurs in the first three years of life, and this process is so complex that it is an entire field of study. We have learned that the brain actually develops from right to left. The right brain develops first in those early years, which can lead to the ability to control emotions, process things, and make moral choices. From the ages of three to six, the left brain develops and brings with it reasoning, problem-solving, and language skills. As the brain is developing, so is the body and the complex connection between the two in the form of the nervous system. As one is impaired or harmed, the other may suffer, and nerve interferences may also increase the risk of developmental delays.

The brain-body development is an essential part of childhood development, and can be impacted by spinal health issues. A spinal misalignment can cause nerve interference, where messages are unable to go from the brain to the body as they should, leading to a breakdown in many bodily functions that should be normal. When severe enough, these misalignments can lead to trouble making synaptic connections, which enable learning. A functioning nervous system can help children grow and learn as needed, making spinal health an important part of their brain development. Upper cervical chiropractic care can be an effective way to address these problems and restore function to growing children.

Impact of Chiropractic Care

Because the nervous system relies on the brain and spine’s relationship, any small issue with the spine can have severe effects on the overall health of a person. Results of a breakdown in communication can range from minor pain and headaches to serious immune system issues. Brain development can also be impacted, which can have devastating effects on young children. This can begin as early as birth, with many newborns being treated for birth-related spinal trauma to prevent any future issues as their brain develops. Regular upper cervical chiropractic care can be an important component of encouraging growth and development for children’s brains, with the added benefit of health benefits for the whole family.

At Experience Health & Wellness Center, practice members of all ages are able to experience upper cervical chiropractic care and all its benefits. Dr. Omar Clark performs gentle adjustments to remove any misalignments and encourage brain health and development. Contact our office today to schedule your first consultation and begin taking steps towards wellness!


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