Building the Immune System Through Chiropractic Care in Cape Coral

Building the Immune System Through Chiropractic Care in Cape Coral

Chiropractic Cape Coral FL Building the Immune System Through Chiropractic Care

Nobody likes to feel under the weather. When you are feeling sick, you want to fight it off as quickly as possible! Even before we are born, our immune systems are beginning to form, preparing to protect our bodies from sickness and disease from the time we are in utero. A strong immune system means a strong ability to fight off illnesses and stay healthy. The entire immune system is controlled by the central nervous system, including the brain and the spinal cord, meaning they have a heavy influence on the body’s ability to heal and to fight off viruses and bacteria that make us sick. In order to keep the immune system functioning at its optimal levels, keeping the spine aligned is key, and visiting a Cape Coral chiropractor can be the first step to better health.

How Nerves and the Immune System Function in Cape Coral

The central nervous system’s function is to send messages throughout the body, alerting its other systems when and how to act. This includes letting the immune system know when it may be time to kick in by releasing antibodies or increasing the production of white blood cells. When something interferes with this communication and stops the messages from being delivered, the effectiveness of the immune system can decrease, leaving you vulnerable to sickness and with a diminished ability to heal quickly. One of the best ways to keep these systems working as they should is to seek upper cervical chiropractic care. At Experience Health & Wellness Center, your spine will be gently adjusted to ensure the neuroimmune connection remains intact.

Effects of Chiropractic Care on the Immune System

Because upper cervical chiropractic care has a direct effect on the central nervous system, these effects are also seen in the immune system. The brain can more efficiently send signals to the body to do things like produce antibodies, which aid in fighting off illness before it can set in. Individuals that undergo chiropractic adjustments for 3 months or more are shown to have significant improvement in their ability to prevent illness compared to those who do not receive the same care. Cases such as these indicate that upper cervical chiropractic care can not only prevent you from getting sick in the future, but it can also help you heal faster when you do get sick. Another study focused on 650 children with chronic illnesses that negatively impacted immune system function and saw significant improvements in their health after three months of consistent chiropractic adjustments. The same has also shown to be true in those suffering from HIV, which is an immunodeficiency-based virus; after chiropractic adjustments, two boys who were HIV positive saw improved immune systems and viral loads decreased.

When it comes to boosting your immune system function, visiting Experience Health & Wellness Center is the first step towards long-term health. Dr. Omar Clark and Dr. Taylor Van Horn provide principled upper cervical chiropractic care, focused on realigning your spine and boosting your immune function, towards a goal of overall health and wellness. Make your first appointment today to experience the benefits of chiropractic care.


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