Can Cape Coral Chiropractic Care Improve Speech Delays?

Can Cape Coral Chiropractic Care Improve Speech Delays?

Chiropractic Cape Coral FL Can Chiropractic Care Improve Speech Delays

The age at which children learn to speak properly can vary from child to child, but there are speech milestones put in place by professionals to give you an idea of typical speech development. Some children may struggle to speak properly or to speak at all and can take significantly longer than others to put together sounds or form words. This can be a sign of speech delay in Cape Coral. While it can be concerning for parents to think their child may have a speech delay, it isn’t uncommon, as one out of every five children struggles with delayed speech. The common occurrence of speech delays, however, doesn’t make it any less frustrating for parents who want to understand their child or for children who want to speak. If your child is struggling to express his thoughts into words, or if she gets frustrated when others don’t understand her pronunciation of a word, it can be frustrating. Kids may get upset or even have behavior issues because of their struggles with their lack of speech. As a parent, this can feel like a hopeless situation, but thankfully, a Cape Coral chiropractor can help!

Why Does My Child Have a Speech Delay?

There are several different factors to consider when thinking about what is causing your child’s speech delay. For some children, learning disabilities or developmental disorders can affect the ability to speak. Issues such as autism, dyspraxia, or cerebral palsy could be making speech difficult. Other times it may have to do with the tongue. Sometimes the tongue is unable to form specific sounds or words. Hearing can also affect speech. If children can’t hear properly, they cannot know what sounds to make to form certain words. Even with speech therapy, your child may not be progressing in their speech. If this is the case, something else entirely could be interrupting their ability to speak.

The Link Between the Spine and Speech in Cape Coral

Speech troubles have also been linked to problems of the spine. The brain and spine are key components of the central nervous system. Any dysfunction of the spine can, in turn, affect the brain, specifically the area that controls speech. Spinal misalignments disrupt nerve function that can cause confusion between the brain and the spine, leading to speech delays. With regular chiropractic care, Cape Coral chiropractors Dr. Omar Clark and Dr. Taylor Van Horn can perform gentle adjustments that correct spinal misalignments. Once spinal misalignments are removed, the function of the central nervous system is vastly improved to not only encourage proper speech habits but also to improve overall health.

Chiropractic Case Studies for Speech Delay

Chiropractors such as Dr. Omar Clark and Dr. Taylor Van Horn have found great success in improving speech through ongoing chiropractic care. Case studies and research supports their efforts. For instance, in one case study of a two-year-old, nonverbal boy that lagged behind in language compared to other children his age, chiropractic care helped him improve considerably. He went from only gesturing for communication to being able to produce sounds and words and even express affection towards his parents after just 8 weeks of chiropractic care. Another case study of a four-year-old boy with dyspraxia also showed the effectiveness of chiropractic care. By the 8th visit, he was learning 20 words a week and by the 15th visit had added hundreds of words to his vocabulary.

If your child has speech delays, chiropractic care could be the hope you have been searching for. Contact Cape Coral chiropractors Dr. Omar Clark and Dr. Taylor Van Horn of Experience Health & Wellness Center to learn more information.


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