Chiropractic Care For Text Neck in Cape Coral

Chiropractic Care For Text Neck in Cape Coral

5 Reasons to Choose a Cape Coral Chiropractor

Does your phone have a screen time tracker? It tells you how much time you spend on certain apps and on your phone in general, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you’re anything like us, you might avoid looking at the screen time stats altogether to avoid feeling guilty. How long on social media!? How long on the sports apps!?

While you may feel bad about spending so much time staring at your phone because it takes you away from real human interaction, there’s another downside to it as well: text neck. You know that feeling you get when you’ve been looking down at your phone, tablet, or computer for too long? That pain in your neck that reaches up to your head and down into your back? Yeah, that’s text neck.

Text neck is basically the non-medical explanation for what happens to our bodies when we hunch over screens and devices for a large portion of our day. Our shoulders roll forward, our head tilts too far forward, and our posture as a whole suffers. Not only is this not super appealing to look at, but it can also wreak havoc on your overall health.

Impact of Text Neck

Also known as “tech neck,” this condition is ravaging our world today. We are so dependent upon technology and devices for nearly every task that we spend hours every single day contorting our heads, necks, and backs into awkward and unnatural positions so we can optimize our view of our screens.

Not only can text neck bring about pain and discomfort throughout the entire upper body and torso area, but it can also lead to headaches, vision problems, respiratory issues, and even digestive problems.

Look at the head alone—when it is pushed forward and no longer directly over your shoulder and hips, it puts several additional pounds of pressure on your spine, which the rest of your body tries to make up for. This brings muscle stiffness, joint tenderness, tingling and numbness, and other sources of discomfort that can impact your ability to perform daily tasks.

Chiropractic Care and Text Neck

You probably already know how beneficial chiropractic care can be to your spinal health, so it only makes sense that hunched shoulders and forward head posture can be improved with chiropractic. Upper cervical chiropractic care, specifically, can target the problem areas of the neck to improve the proper cervical curves and reduce the incorrect ones caused by text neck. Additionally, upper cervical chiropractic care can act like a domino effect on the spine. Adjustments to the upper cervical spine can impact the alignment of all the other vertebrae of the spine, allowing your central nervous system to function more optimally. This improves the overall function of your entire body and all its various systems, and it improves your health and wellness in a simple, natural, and safe way.

Dr. Omar Clark is an upper cervical chiropractor in Cape Coral, FL who aims to serve his entire community with his heartfelt passion for people paired with the scientific brilliance of chiropractic care. To learn more about text neck, upper cervical chiropractic, and how Dr. Omar Clark can help you, contact Experience Health & Wellness Center in Cape Coral today.


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