For Better Posture, Turn to Chiropractic Care In Cape Coral

For Better Posture, Turn to Chiropractic Care in Cape Coral

Chiropractic Cape Coral FL Posture

Our posture, or how we hold ourselves, is not something that often crosses our mind throughout the day. But it could be exactly what is causing unnecessary aches and pains that do occupy our thoughts often. Whether we realize it or not, how we sit and stand can lead to health problems. Some individuals may focus on improving their posture by ensuring their backs are straight and shoulders aren’t slumped as best as they can, but there isn’t any real way to know if we are in proper alignment or if our posture is affecting our body’s overall function. Poor posture in Cape Coral often leads to misalignments in the spine, and these misalignments will only cause worse posture, as well as exacerbate pain. Dr. Omar Clark, a Cape Coral chiropractor, can correct misalignments and improve posture for positive, healthier results.

Poor Posture and Your Health in Cape Coral

Many things can lead to poor posture, such as spending all day sitting in an office chair staring at a computer. In fact, “text neck” is becoming a big problem amongst office workers, and it is characterized by strained neck muscles due to constantly sitting with poor posture, all in the name of staring at a computer, or looking down at a tablet, or staring at a phone too often. Text neck puts too much pressure on the neck because the weight of the head isn’t fully supported by the spine. This, in turn, leads to constant headaches, shoulder or neck pain, and even tingling or numbness of the arms. Women also have additional factors that can contribute to poor posture.  For example, wearing high heels to the office or even the weight of pregnancy can cause overcompensation of the muscles that lead to poor posture. If you have an office job that requires looking at a computer all day or are feeling the effects of poor posture through tightness of the neck muscles, shoulder pain, or even migraines, it may be a sign that it’s time to visit a Cape Coral chiropractor.

Proper Posture Matters

Poor posture can seem like an insignificant concern in light of other major health problems, but it can affect quality of life and can even bring about serious health concerns both now and in the future. Strained or tight muscles or ligaments are more likely to lead to injury from basic everyday use. In addition, pain associated with poor posture can even cause more serious health matters, such as stress, depression, or anxiety. On top of that, poor posture will lead to more spinal misalignments and can eventually lead to other health issues, such as poor respiratory function, reproductive issues, and chronic headaches. Before poor posture brings about a myriad of other issues, consult Dr. Omar Clark of Experience Health & Wellness Center to improve posture and avoid unnecessary health concerns.

Chiropractic Is Effective for Improving Posture

The focus of neurologically-based chiropractic care is to remove spinal misalignments and ensure the spine is properly aligned for correct posture and optimal function of the body. Spinal misalignments don’t just affect your ability to sustain proper posture, but they also cause nerve interference between the central nervous system and the rest of the body’s systems. Adjustments from Cape Coral chiropractor Dr. Omar Clark will remove misalignments to reduce muscle tension and strain on the neck and back, as well as restore nerve communication so the body is functioning at optimal levels of health. When your body is working as it should, it not only promotes better posture, but it also reduces chances of illness or inflammation, keeping you healthy and pain-free.

If muscle tension or headaches are a common occurrence for you and are related to poor posture, find relief, healing, and health with principled chiropractic care from Dr. Omar Clark of Experience Health & Wellness Center in Cape Coral, FL.


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