Proactive Health vs. Reactive Health In Cape Coral

Proactive Health vs. Reactive Health in Cape Coral

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Today’s world is all about quick fixes and immediate gratification. We want the shortest path from point A to point B, and we want instant results from everything—weight loss plans, internet searches, and customer service at any establishment.

Unfortunately, our attitude toward health is no different. If we have minor pain, we take a pill. If we have more discomfort, we get a shot. If it gets out of hand, we have surgery. This is reactive health. We live our lives and do what we want until there’s a problem. Then we furiously search the internet and schedule doctor appointments to find out what’s wrong and what we can do to fix the problem right away.

The problem with this reactive health approach is that once we already have a health problem, it becomes much harder to reverse it and eradicate it than if we had simply been proactive from the beginning. Additionally, reactive health aims to fix the issue quickly, which often just leads to covering up symptoms rather than actually getting to the root cause and looking for a long-term health solution in Cape Coral.

Proactive Health in Cape Coral

Being proactive about your health is a much better alternative than trying to dig yourself out of a hole of bad health. It’s less about trusting a physician to treat an ailment or fix symptoms and more about the individual person taking steps towards being healthy and practicing good “self-care.” Some of these self-care practices include exercising more, eating healthier, taking vitamins, drinking more water, and seeing a chiropractor.

While most people come into a chiropractor’s office looking for pain relief or a solution to a particular problem, many continue receiving chiropractic care long after their ailment is resolved due to the substantial proactive health benefits that chiropractic provides. They experience health and want to continue to be proactive in staying healthy, so they stay under care and many are able to attain optimal health long-term.

Chiropractic Care Is Essential For Proactive Health Care

Chiropractic care focuses on the central nervous system—the brain, the spinal cord, and 41 miles of nerves throughout your body. Your brain and its ability to properly and effectively communicate with the rest of the body is absolutely key when it comes to your health. The brain sends neurons across the nerves to all the body systems to tell them how to function and what to do. If those neurons are interrupted in any way, the message doesn’t get to the other system correctly, and that brings about dysfunction in the body. So utilizing chiropractic care in Cape Coral, FL will help your body function properly and help you be proactive about taking care of yourself and being healthy.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your symptoms may have arisen in a day, but the cause was there long before the symptoms showed up. It takes proactive measures—such as getting adjusted regularly—to get your spine healthy and keep your body functioning properly.

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