Chiropractic Care for Anxiety and Depression In Cape Coral

Chiropractic Care for Anxiety and Depression in Cape Coral

Chiropractic Cape Coral FL Chiropractic Care For Physical Emotional And Chemical Stress

Anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent across the United States, as 18% of the population is suffering from anxiety issues, and this number is on the rise. Many people experience anxiety-related symptoms such as physical weakness, muscle tenseness, loss of concentration, inability to relax, and constant worry and fear, and many of these individuals are turning to medication for relief. But is this really the best option? Anti-anxiety medication will mask the symptoms of anxiety for a time, but problems usually reoccur when stopping the medication, or people develop a dependency on the medication requiring them to take it for years or decades at a time in an effort to alleviate anxiety. Also, any prescription medication is not without risk of harmful side effects, and anti-anxiety medication is no different. Thankfully, chiropractic care from a Cape Coral chiropractor has been shown to be a natural and safe method to manage anxiety.

Hormonal Imbalance Leads to Anxiety in Cape Coral

The central nervous system, composed of the brain and spinal cord, controls all of our body’s functions.  Misalignments of the spine interrupt nerve communication, impeding function and leading to health concerns. The central nervous system is also largely responsible for impacting the parts of the body that produce hormones.  When misalignments occur, this production is disrupted, causing an imbalance of hormones. Because hormones influence many aspects of our lives, such as sleep patterns, weight gain, and mood, these misalignments can greatly disrupt your health and cause signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. Additionally, the limbic system is responsible for our feelings and emotional wellbeing. Spinal misalignments can disrupt proper function of the limbic systems, leading to negative feelings that can further exacerbate anxiety and related issues. Fortunately, Dr. Omar Clark of Experience Health & Wellness Center can assess the spine and remove misalignments to allow for proper hormone balance and optimal limbic system function that will increase feelings of wellbeing and decrease anxiety.

Balancing the Mind and Body is Key

Human beings have a mind-body connection that runs deep. When we aren’t physically healthy, our emotional health suffers as well.  At the same time, mental exhaustion can lead to physical illnesses. It is imperative that we take care of our physical health so that our mental health can benefit, too. Chiropractic care focuses on the overall health and wellbeing of the whole body so that each system functions at optimal levels, reducing overwhelming emotional feelings of anxiety and depression.

Chiropractic Works for Anxiety

Many people suffering from anxiety have experienced relief after being under chiropractic care. For example, a 52-year-old woman with panic attacks was on anti-anxiety medication and tranquilizers. She sought chiropractic care and received frequent adjustments after discovering several spinal misalignments. After just two months of chiropractic adjustments, she was anxiety free! Another case study of 21 people suffering from high blood pressure and anxiety showed a significant decrease in symptoms after receiving chiropractic adjustments. If you personally suffer from anxiety or know someone with panic attacks, depression, or anxiety, reach out to Dr. Omar Clark of Experience Health & Wellness Center in Cape Coral, FL to find out more about how chiropractic can help.


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