Thoughts, Traumas, Toxins: The Causes Of Stress And How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Thoughts, Traumas, Toxins: The Causes Of Stress And How Chiropractic Care Can Help

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We all experience stress at different times and for different reasons. But when left unchecked and untreated, even things that seem as simple as stress can take a toll on our body, health, and immune system. We may not even notice the stress overload at first. Most people don’t even know that stress can cause acute anxiety, headaches, fatigue, or a feeling of being overwhelmed. But those are just the beginning symptoms of what can become a much larger problem. The good news is that in addition to helping you learn about how stress affects your body and why, upper cervical chiropractic care Experience Health & Wellness Center can have long-lasting benefits for helping you manage stress. Let’s take a closer look at some of the underlying issues that contribute to stress in the body.

The three main ways we experience stress are through emotional stress, physical stress, and chemical stress, also referred to as thoughts, traumas, and toxins.

Emotional Stress = Thoughts

Emotional stress and negative thoughts can quickly compound to create stress that’s felt in your mind and body. This kind of emotional stress typically comes from work, relationships, raising kids, finances, and so on. Some live with a heightened sense of depression or anxiety. While we imagine these things to be contained in our minds, our thoughts and anxieties can have real, physical consequences as well.

Physical Stress = Traumas

Most of us have experienced physical stress in one form or another. A sports injury or car accident can cause physical trauma to your body, resulting in mild to serious muscle or skeletal damage that requires long-term care. Most of us also experience tiny, daily traumas like sitting in one position in front of a computer all day every day, which can compound into things like pinched nerves, stiff muscles, and spinal misalignments that cause pain.

Chemical Stress = Toxins

Finally, when we are stressed emotionally and physically, we often turn to substances like tobacco, alcohol, and food to satisfy our stressed states. When we are not nourishing our body through healthy food and good eating habits, we run the risk of adding too many toxins to our body, resulting in an overload of chemical stress, which can also take a toll on our physical health and mental wellbeing.

A Cape Coral Chiropractor Can Help

In learning how stress can affect your body, you might be ready to make a change and consult with an upper cervical chiropractor in Cape Coral. Dr. Omar Clark of Experience Health & Wellness Center can help you manage stress effectively through routine, targeted chiropractic adjustments. Studies support the routine care of a chiropractor as a way of managing all types of stress. When the body is in alignment and the nervous system is functioning properly, the body is in a better position to heal itself and naturally deal with external and internal stressors.

When people think of upper cervical chiropractic care, they’re likely thinking of this type of care in response to a specific neck or back issue. But a visit to a Cape Coral chiropractor can be effective in managing the stresses of our daily lives. We might not always think of what we’re experiencing on a day-to day-basis as stress, and that’s why it’s important to seek upper cervical chiropractic adjustments as a key to combating the stress in our lives. If you’re ready to see Dr. Omar Clark at Experience Health & Wellness Center about your stress, book an appointment today.


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